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yeah, um, i have a question...

i've been thinking a lot lately about living alone, as opposed to having roommates/significant others/family members living with you. until 8 months ago i had never really lived alone, and i always kind of wanted to. but when i finally got an apartment by myself, it was bittersweet. i mean, it's nice that i was able to finally feel confident about paying bills on time and not having to worry about people deadbeating me on money, and also not have to worry about roommates messing up the place or breaking my stuff. but really, most of the time it was just lonely.

i certainly need plenty of alone time, and i think if i live with roommates again (which it's looking like i will be once my current lease runs out) i will spend a lot of time in my room. but i want to have the option of going and hanging out with people, and not just feel like i'm stuck sitting alone all the time. when you don't have the option, it's a really suffocating feeling to be constantly alone.

my question is--how do you feel about living alone as opposed to living with roommates? do you think that the whole living alone thing just isn't a good idea for humans in general, or do you think it depends on the person?

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