Catwomansixtsix (catwoman66) wrote in mortality,

This still scares me after 33 years!! (x-post)

05:59pm 02/09/2003
Okay-I'm finally posting my story(sorry, I am lazy). My uncle died in an auto accident as a teen back in the late 50's way before I was born(I was born in 1966). When I was 3 or 4 years old my family was visiting my grandparents overnight & I woke up in the night and saw someone in the mirror glowing!!! It was glowing very bright green & seemed to have a bright orange cap or hair. I blinked & it didn't go away. The apparition seemed to be holding something & had an open mouth. Very scary. At the time I thought it looked like an evil clown with a broom in his hand. Finally, I screamed & my mom took me to sleep near her. I knew nothing of my uncle until I was older. I found out that I was sleeping in HIS bed with HIS old teddy bear. My mother just told me this yr. "Grandma never ever got past it" So the room was pretty much full of his stuff. My brother now lives in that house with his family. My grandparents are long dead and supposedly there have been no other occurrences. Once in awhile I dream about that house and about him. Has anyone seen anything similar?
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