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Another Wanderer

Greetings All,
I just stumbled across this community, and realised that I'm not the only one with this many deep and meaningful (or meaningless) questions... the sort you try to talk to your partner about late at night, only to realise he's fallen asleep on you.
See, at least everyone here is so far away, I won't know if I've bored you all to sleep or not! *grin*
Ok, here's something that's been on my mind. I've been thinking of past lives, and what may have been, and what may be... and I have a feeling that the lives I have lived/will live are not in chronological order. For example, my next life may be in Tudor England, and then the next in the 30th century, and the next in Ancient Egypt... does that make sense? Does anyone have a similar idea, or any ideas on this subject?
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