queen of knots (meacurial) wrote in mortality,
queen of knots

question prompted by recent events, and memories of past ones....

thoughts? stories from your life?
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My folks live in a house that they claim has a spirit.

I don't know if its true.

I do know that it a block away from the old hospital cemetary, but its hard to tell, as a communtiy park is now in that place. I'd suppose the graves were moved.

Anyhow, my Mom is ill, so she is home a lot when my Dad is at work.

She claims that she hears someone enter the house, or simply walk through it at various times.

I used to think it was due to her medication but one morning around 2:45am I got a call at work. Dad was frantic, wanting to know if I had stopped by. He claims someone came in the back door and slammed it, stormed through the house and left by the front door.

I was at work. My brother lives 2 hours away.

Who knows what it is, but I know when I stayed with them a few years back I'd call out "Hi!" whenever I heard my Dad come home from work. I was usually bunked out in the basement getting some sleep (my work shift was 3rd at the time) and never saw him come home, but I heard foot steps. Thinking back, its odd how many times he never responded. Instead, he went out the front door.

But... none of us ever use/d the front door. We all go in and out of the back, through the kitchen... which is right by the basement door.